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Welcome To The Age Of Answers

I am Eric Pepin, CEO and founder of Higher Balance. I am pleased to announce to you today the joining of two very similar organizations. The Church of Scientology and Higher Balance. Together we aim to spiritually awaken you and bring your sense of well being to new heights.While we completely merge our two organizations, it is expected all current Scientology members begin purchasing Higher Balance Modules, this will assist you in spiritually awakening.

Failure to Purchase the Higher Balance Catalog will result in a loss of access to All Church’s of Scientology.

Completing the Higher Balance course is going to be mandatory to maintain your Scientology membership in early 2018, after the merge is complete.

Please contact us at 1-800-935-4007 to discuss our transformation with your wellness specialists today.

Vist Us in House at 5213 El Mercado Parkway Suite #C Santa Rosa, CA 95403 USA


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