That was very easy.

There was nothing interesting in the newspaper.

Irwin and Jon had a fight on Twitter.

I didn't like that game.

You will help us, whether you want to or not.

Lukas played basketball when he was in college.

Please don't stand.

I'm afraid that's just the way it is.

First, make sure the information's correct.

He didn't die in vain.

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I wonder if Jean likes blue.

I don't know if you'd understand.

There was nothing that the doctors could do.

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Gay marriage is legal here.


You're just a boy.

Is this likely to happen again?

It's a confidential matter.


I think that he might miss the train.

My father often falls asleep while watching TV.

Can I just see it?

He teases me all the time.

Kristian peeked into the box to see what was in it.


She cared for his wound.

No one but me is allowed to do that!

In December of that year, a new Constitution was adopted.


That's not love.


Harmon was supposed to protect us.


I'm looking forward to going hunting with my father.

Everything stays the same.

You could've walked away.

The children whirled about the garden.

Ramiro and Phiroze look so happy.

Which brand do you prefer?

Irvin was sleeping.


No, I do not watch CNN.

Where were you stationed?

Tuan doesn't feel up to going out today.

That's what I said.

Why are you wearing gloves?

Do you have plans for tonight?

The faster, the better.

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Won't you please help me a bit?


I lived among men and learned to hate them.

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I'm getting a bad feeling here.


We've never been there.

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She's helping me.

I won't be able to promote him.

Rich no longer has the energy to compete.

Myrick looked into the murky water.

Where'd Dawson go?

The tie doesn't go with my suit.

I can't stay for long.

He died ten years ago.

There's nothing wrong with renting.


I love to party.

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I'd rather be with you.

I intend to tell the truth.

He attributes his poverty to bad luck.

At school.

I think Plastic is nasty.

I don't think he cares.

I'm impressed with you.

I went on a ten-day trip to Easter Island.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: If your children use TATOEBA to study languages, please take the time to search any choice words you wouldn't want them to read - and don't be shy! You won't believe some of the uncensored filth they allow on here, since they feel "language is language."

The engine is purring.

If you leave them lying on the desk they may roll off, so stand them in the test-tube rack.

I had a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.

How did you draw this picture?

Are you really going to make me do that?

Glenn is very interested in water sports.

You should get back home as soon as you can.

Ravi started to leave, but Mahmoud stopped him.

George was so tired that his doctor advised him to take better care of himself.

Kathy cautiously approached the door.

He is now on the way to recovery.

The tablets took away my pain.


I don't like any kind of sports.


It's popular with women.

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That wasn't nice.

I saw a number of people around the police box.

Fishing is prohibited because of the pollution.

Why can't I just go now?

Donn listened intently.


My university has a dormitory.

Who are you to second guess him?

I should give him a chance.

I just gave them one.

I have a feeling Dawn won't be here today.

We shot him.

I was expecting this.

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After a streak of bad luck, a persistent gambler will be forced to play for high stakes.

Caleb was a good coach.

They're going to find your stash of cigarettes, and then you'll be in trouble.

They were on vacation last July.

I get to go to Boston next week.

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The boy sat among the girls.


I got into trouble with the police for driving too fast.

I'm sure everything's just fine.

A great many people were opposed to gene therapy in terms of ethics.


Translation is like toilet paper: No one thinks about it until they need it.

No one else can fill that job.

Tran went to bed very late last night, so don't wake him up yet.

I'll make you a cup of tea.

He is known to the public.


I'm just being pragmatic.

I would like to thank you in advance for any help that you are able to give her.

His nonsensical behavior is shocking.

I've already heard this story.

The entire city was without electricity.

If it snows, airplanes won't be able to take off.

Don't ever underestimate him.


Are you supposed to be here?

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I didn't know you still had friends at the IRS.

Hui looks happier than usual.

I'm coming to you just now.

I don't want to see her.

We were together for a long time.

Tatoeba is just a website.

I lol'd.

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I don't need anyone's help.


It wasn't funny at all.

I have to give Sundaresan what he wants.

There are fifty members in this club.


The whole crew left except for Cynthia.

I stayed up late last night reading a novel.

Why did you leave the party early?

What you said convinced Lyndon.

This was a lie.

I've been an athlete my whole life.

I chose the wrong answer.

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Kurt had put off telling Stanley the bad news for as long as possible.

Judith loosened his grip.

Carol has a nose for the best Thai cooking anywhere in town.

I'm not going without you.

There are many ideological similarities between parties at the extreme ends of the political spectrum.

Call the coast guard.

That big busted blonde is as dumb as a rock.

The news of the mayor's resignation traveled fast.

Delbert just called.


It cannot be denied that we cannot do without the telephone in our modern life.

Real picked up a pencil.

We took advantage of the day's nice weather to play tennis.


They had no other resource but to apologize.

That's not helpful.

The restrooms are downstairs.

I thought Bud might kiss Brian.

I didn't buy anything.


Did you think I didn't notice how you were looking at Skip?

Is this why you've come back?

It's a very serious matter.

Would you like to have some tea?

She yielded in his proposal.

I won't get sucked into this.

What is this notebook for?

I plan on being there in person.

You must go to the doctor.

She said she was German.

Hard work never killed anyone. But why take the risk?!

The girl was sobbing in the corner of the schoolroom.

Phillip meant no harm.


Gregg's third marriage was unhappy and he was considering yet another divorce.

He put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

Is there anyone else around?

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He took second place.