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Created by sports fans for sports fans - SportsCstr content comes from professional media, athletes, celebrities...and you.

Don't type, swipe.

SportsCstr captures instant fan opinion through gestures, not crazy syntax meant for programmers.


What kind of fan are you: Rookie, Pro, Legend? Climb the ladder & top the leaderboard.

Be Heard.

Got more to say? Enter the comments screen with fellow sports fans to debate & broadcast your opinion.

Live Game.

What do you think - was that a catch? A tag at the plate? A review time-out will never be the same again.


Get today's most important sports news & videos in one place, and respond instantly!


Match wits with the SportsCstr trivia gurus and compare your score to other fans.

The last time fans had this platform was...never!

Since the first college game was broadcast over telegraph (yes telegraph) more than a hundred years ago, sports broadcasting has been a few-to-many affair. A couple of announcers to a few million fans. But in 2014, why? We think it's time to flip the equation. We think it's time for your voice to become part of the game.

  • Engineered for one-hand operation.
  • Real-time sentiment platform.
  • Fans to media, not media to fans.
  • Supersized Super Bowl scale.

Let's Change Sports.

Why Sports? Sports are passion personified. Sports are the essence of human endeavor, experience and achievement. Sports are a centerpiece of civic & national pride. Sports are uniquely cross-cultural. Sports are universal.

At SportsCstr, we see the opportunity to change the game, with you, the sports fan. Time to bring down the wall that has separated fans & media. Time to redefine what it is to be a fan and what it is to be heard.

And we know we'll have some fun along the way.

Imagine a broadcast where you help steer the commentary. Where your opinion is seen by millions. Using SportsCstr is not unlike what you're already doing when you txt a friend from the stadium after a great play, or shout in the sports bar or living room. With the SportsCstr App, we're bringing us fans together and channeling our collective opinion over the airwaves.

Now that, can change the game.


Vote, Comment, Trivia and You.

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