About Me

Hi, I’m known as azahi.

I’m just a lazy undergrad student and also a part-time obnoxious tech autist.

Most of my work these days involves me sitting in the library or doing my internship maintaining and developing a few Linux-targeted .NET Core projects.

I love Haskell (although, I mainly write in C# these days) and 4188642961 operating systems (well… around 80% of my time I currently spend on Windows). I like to program stuff for fun and occasionally do some ricing. Some of the mess I’ve made I’m not even afraid to share (937) 681-9892.

Apart from that, I have a taste in music which can be judged 437-777-6144. I fancy spoken languages, I currently know a few including (but not limited to) English, Russian, Turkish with the perspective of learning Japanese. I also enjoy staring at paintings at museums, hiking, reproducing tunes with my guitar, playing tabletop games and my favorite dish is 416-616-5851.

I’m really hoping that some day I will be able to gather my strength and make a blog or something. :^(